Freedom to Choose

Remember when you were a kid?  Do you remember how you thought things would be different when you finally became a grown-up?

No one tells you when to get up or when to go to bed.
You can stay up all night watching movies if you want to.
No one tells you to brush your teeth.
No one tells you what to eat, or when.
No one tells you what to wear.
No curfew.  Come and go as you please.
You just hop in the car and go somewhere when you want to.
Want a pizza?  Pick up the phone and someone brings it to you.
The life of the grown-ups was positively idyllic.  You had parents, grandparents, and teachers telling you all day long what you could and could not do.  Oh, for the freedom of being able to make your own choices!
Now you are a grown-up.  So how did that Freedom to Make All My Own Decisions turn out?
Between taking care of your responsibilities at your job and taking care of your responsibilities towards your family you still experience some limitations on when and what you do.  However, with minor exceptions, you can still make your own decisions.  You can choose what type of job you have, where you live, and how you spend your discretionary income and discretionary time.  You choose when to go to bed and when to get up.  You choose what you eat and what you wear. 
That is changing. 
Liberals who were voted into positions of power strongly believe that they can run all aspects of your life much better than you can.  They are the intellectual elite.  They insist that you are still a child, incapable of making good decisions on your own.  You need a nanny.  Lucky for you, they are willing to take on the enormous burden of making all of those pesky adult decisions so you don’t have to.  Whew!  What a relief!  Right?
Thanks to Obamacare you no longer have to choose your physician or make decisions about your healthcare.  If you get sick or severely injured and are over the age of 30, you die.  Now there’s a solution we can live with!  All of those options you used to have will be decided by a bureaucrat.  If he or she determines that your political views are too conservative, or you’re too old, or you are no longer contributing enough to society, no physician may legally treat whatever is wrong with you.  Modern medicine has come a very long way, expanding our expected lifespans through technological breakthroughs.  Access to those technological breakthroughs, such as medical diagnostic equipment, will be limited to those the liberal bureaucrats deem worthy.  Can you justify your continued existence?  What makes you valuable enough to society to justify the expenditures necessary to repair your faulty aorta or make you cancer-free?  Better come up with answers now, before you need them.
Thanks to Michelle Obama and her liberal friends you never have to decide what to eat.  They dictate what you, your children, and your grandchildren can have.  They outlawed salt shakers in restaurants.  They outlawed kids bringing their own lunches from home.  They outlawed anything with sugar in it.  They outlawed YOU being the parent, responsible for taking care of your own children.  The STATE will decide those things for you.  Shut up and eat the celery.
Thanks to the Eco-Terrorists you can no longer just get in your vehicle and go somewhere.  Vacation?  At $5.00/gallon?!  If you’re lucky enough to still be employed and you get a week or two off each year you get to go on a Staycation.  This is where you stay home and look at photos of where you wanted to go.  Was it necessary for the price of fuel to “necessarily skyrocket” as Obama claimed during his campaign?  Not at all.  Truth be told, the United States is sitting on more oil than any of the countries in the Middle East.  All we have to do is drill for it, and we will be completely independent of anyone else for our fossil fuels.  Why aren’t we drilling for our own oil?  The liberal eco-terrorists are in power.  They gave China the right to drill for our oil on our continental shelf in the Gulf of Mexico.  They gave $2,000,000,000 of our hard earned tax money to Brazil so Brazil can drill for oil, and then sell it to the United States.  It’s not about the environment.  It’s not about improving air or water quality.  It’s not about preserving places of natural beauty for the next generation.  It’s not about disturbing wildlife or endangering species. 
It’s all about controlling you.
If you are self-sufficient you call the shots.  When you cannot do for yourself you are at the mercy of someone else (the providers of your necessities), and they are not above taking full advantage of that edge over you.  It’s human nature.  If I have what you need I determine what it’s worth.  You will pay me for it, one way or another.  Now I have control, and I will not allow the balance of power to swing the other way.  That is the only reason why the liberals in power in our government will not allow Americans to drill on American soil for American oil.
Thanks to the liberals who are in charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms you cannot pick the firearm of your choice to defend yourself and your family from violent people.  If you think for one minute that the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, which states, “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” isn’t being infringed every day, try strapping on a pistol and go shopping.  Make sure your life insurance is fully paid up before you go.  The police may just gun you down or they may throw you in prison for years.  Either is a likely scenario when anyone attempts to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
Thanks to the Department of Education your children and grandchildren are no longer being taught about their heritage.  They have no knowledge of the unique and wonderful gift they received when they were fortunate enough to be born in this country.  This is the only country on the planet that has a Constitution guaranteeing Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness for everyone.  Your children and your grandchildren were given a legacy of prosperity unequaled in the history of mankind, due entirely to free market capitalism.  It was extremely important to the Founding Fathers that each individual had the freedom to choose how they lived their lives, and was able to keep “the fruits of their labors.”  Go to other places and you do not see people with the luxury of discretionary time or discretionary income, to do with as they please.  Most people on this planet spend all day working just to get enough to survive another day.  The liberals in power in the U.S. government do not believe that you deserve these things.  They believe in the Communist Motto – From Those According to Their Ability to Those According To Their Need.  They believe in the redistribution of wealth Obama spoke about when he had that famous discussion with Joe the Plumber.  The Department of Education is really the Department of Propaganda, since that is its sole function.  Ask your children about anything they should already have learned in school – mathematics, science, history, philosophy, civics, geography, or English.  Expect the deer-in-the-headlights look.  Those things aren’t taught in public schools anymore because the children must not know enough to be able to make their own decisions when they grow up.  They are taught to look to the government for everything – food, housing, medical care, etc.
The liberal control freaks teach dependency, not self-sufficiency to our children.  If our children and grandchildren learned how to stand on their own two feet, without any sort of government assistance, they would know what it truly means to be a free citizen, not a subject.  It is their birthright, but they need to know 1. that these rights exist  2. what they mean and 3. how to keep them.  Right now they know none of these things, and are in eminent danger of losing it all.
You have one more choice to make. 
Will you allow the liberal control freaks to continue in their quest to take over every aspect of your life and treat you as a child, or will you refuse to allow someone else to control your life?
You yearned for the ability to make your own decisions when you were growing up.  Now is the time to fight for the right to live your life as an adult, fully capable of making all your own decisions.  The alternative is: 
No responsibilities.
No decisions.
No freedom.
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  1. Ubuntu VPS says:

    It’s important not to trample on other people’s freedoms in pursuit of our own. Even when we feel our way of thinking may be for someone else’s “own good,” it’s important that everyone has the right to their own opinion and beliefs.

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